hardstand perth


Traditional Storage & Logistics is Australia’s solution for heavy industry asset movement and storage. With our strategic location south of Perth, this experienced team offers exceptional hardstand services such as:

  • Short or long term storage
  • 50,000 m2 Facility
  • Offsite receiving
  • Secure site
  • AQIS/DAFF Approved

  • Bulk Products
  • Oversize equipment
  • Container Storage
  • Container Destuff services

TSL knows that many heavy industry companies don’t always have the facilities to store equipment or supplies. That is why they offer hassle-free short and long term storage facilities. TSL also realises that most companies may only need to store items temporarily, that is why they do not require minimum stay times.

With over 50,000 square metres of storage area, TSL has the capability to store all sizes of equipment and storage containers. Their hardstand storage facilities include both indoor and outdoor areas that are secure and well maintained. The safety of your assets is well handled.

If your company has goods or equipment that need to be sent directly to storage, TSL can easily accommodate your needs. Being located near major transport routes, the items you not needed immediately don’t have to take up valuable space at your premises.

TSL’s hardstand storage facilities are monitored twenty-four hours per day by security. We ensure the safety of each item our clients store whether it is indoors or out.

Perth hardstand services approved by AQIS/DAFF

TSL’s storage facilities are AQIS/DAFF (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) approved. This means our clients don’t have to worry about any contamination of shipping containers, bulk products or whatever they store with our facility.

Bulk Products & Equipment Storage

Storage of bulk products can be costly and space consuming. Store your bulk goods with TSL. Our Perth hardstand facilities are designed to accommodate shipping and storage containers of all sizes.

Oversized equipment such as portable power plants, large utility trucks and construction equipment aren’t always needed on an everyday basis. Why take up valuable space at your site or worry about their security? Store your valuable oversized equipment at TSL’s secure storage facility.

Container hardstand facility

Shipping and storage containers are easily stored at TSL’s secure hardstand facility. We can easily pick and deliver your storage containers at your convenience as well.

Need your storage containers unloaded? TSL offers Destuffing services to our clients for easy offloading of goods. These efficient systems make for higher production rates and better operations.

With over 50 years combined experience, TSL is an industry leader in industrial logistics and supply chain management. No matter how large or small your company is, let TSL and their highly experienced team of logistic experts help you.