dunnage perth


Protecting goods that are being transported is very important. Transitional Storage and Logistics can offers dunnage as part of its service to all industries.

TSL provides materials needed to protect goods being shipped from moisture, mechanical damage and contamination such as:

  • Timber
  • Gluts
  • Bearers
  • Protective Coatings/Rubber
  • Fabricated Timber Matts
  • Hardwood
  • Softwood- Heat Treated

Whether you’re transporting bagged goods, shrink wrapped pallets, fabricated goods, machinery or large individual items, it is important that they be protected from excessive movement during shipping. TSL’s team of logistics experts knows how important it is to have your company’s goods properly supported, secured and protected during the transport process.

TSL provides quality materials needed to keep the items your business ships in good condition during transportation so that it arrives in ideal conditions.

In order to properly protect your company’s goods and equipment that are being transported, TSL provides excellent quality materials that are ideal for such uses as these types of dunnage:

  • floor
  • lateral
  • interlayer
  • top dunnage

TSL’s dunnage materials are made to specification. This includes scalloping, cut-outs and bevelling in order to ensure that the dunnage for your company’s particular requirements is 100% suitable.

TSL is also a DAFF/AQIS approved site so that their clients can be sure all the most recent quarantine protocols are in place to prevent any possibility of contamination.

When it comes to providing customised transport, storage and logistic solutions, Transitional Storage and Logistics is one of Perth’s leading providers of exceptional service. TSL’s dedicated, experienced team makes it their mission to provide Perth industries with the best logistics services possible.